God’s love knows no bounds

by Pastor Mark Jordan

“…[God’s] love will know no bounds…” (Hosea 14:4, NLT)

This week we are exploring elements from Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan. We have addressed Jesus’ teaching about a neighbor is anyone to whom you can show kindness and mercy. We see this because Jesus came to be the example of our loving neighbor even before he called us to be neighbors to others. Knowing this, we must be willing to be neighborly to others in times of trouble, even when they bring it on themselves, for God’s command to love is greater than our tendency to judge. After all, God shows us this mercy, and calls us to do the same.

God’s love knows no boundaries. None. We live in an era when we have almost limitless abilities to share God’s love with people regardless of time and space. Tools like transportation and technology enable us to share God’s love with people at virtually any time and place throughout the world. Since the things at our disposal removes barriers previously known, we must come back to the greatest commandment, which is to love God with all we have and are, and to love our neighbor as we love self.

Love Knows No Time Quotes Valentine Expressions  Quotes About Love Knowing No BoundariesIf a neighbor is anyone to whom we can show kindness and mercy, then that removes any physical barrier. We still must deal with the boundaries we set for ourselves. Some boundaries are healthy and can protect us from being taken advantage of, but others are set out of ignorance and fear, or setting policy above people. God’s love knows no bounds, and Jesus asked us to live similarly as we seek to connect with God and each other, changing lives to change lives. May we do this with our neighbors, wherever they may be.

Prayer: Dear Lord, I know your love knows no bounds, and you want to bring us all together for the sake of forever. Help me to share your love with my neighbors wherever I am, and wherever they may be. I ask this in the eternal name of Jesus. Amen.