this world is not your home

by Pastor Mark Jordan 230166-friends-this-world-is-not-your-home

“Friends, this world is not your home, so don’t make yourselves cozy in it.” (1 Peter 2:11a, MSG)

This week we are concluding our recent emphasis on being good neighbors. Yesterday we explored how we are to be good citizens in the way we relate to our neighbors as well as the authorities. That isn’t always a comfy-cozy thought, but we can point people to the forgiveness and mercy of God by the way we live in this fallen world.

Peter was emphatic when he wrote that this world is not the home of the Jesus follower. Different translations refer to this idea differently. Some refer to the Christian as a traveler, pilgrim, alien, and stranger in a strange land. The customs of the faithful should be counter-cultural to the world you are passing through, with the ultimate goal of getting to heaven. This means you have a mindset you must adopt as you live, move, and find your being in God while in this world (Acts 17:28).

The Jesus follower needs that mindset to permeate anything and everything you say and do. It is loving God with all you have and are, and loving your neighbor as yourself. It is about humility, thinking of others before you think of your self. It is living that out in service and sacrifice, showing that you put your time, energy, and resources where God wants them to be. And it is looking for ways to live in community with others while the world says the most important person is “me, myself, and I.”

How does this new mindset strike you? It is inherent in the gospel, but can seem so foreign. If this world is not your home, though, you have the ability to take your time in the place where you are, enjoying what you can around you, while remembering there is no place like home. Let’s follow Peter’s advice and not get too cozy in this world, but use our lives to point our neighbors to God.

Prayer: Dear Lord, I need to remember that this world is not my home. Help me adopt a new mindset so I may use my life in love and service to you and my neighbor. I ask this in Jesus’ holy name. Amen.