giVe thanks

by Pastor Mark Jordan
“For I desire steadfast love and not sacrifice, the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings.” (Hosea 6:6)
Are you ready for tomorrow? The Thanksgiving holiday is a special one, made even more so when approached with the right spiritual attitude. God is generous and wants you to give thanks generously, based on your individual ability and responsibility to respond, not comparing or competing with others. Something we must come to grips with, though, is when you make the division to give based on what you’ve been given, it creates a sense of vulnerability, which is the ‘V,’ in our acrostic.
I love today’s verse from Hosea, because it refers to a constant concept in thanksgiving. God wants all of you, and not some token or your leftovers. All too often we approach generosity not with what we have, but what we have leftover. God wants you to know that he gave generously and individually when he sent Jesus to die for your sin. God’s love for you made him vulnerable, but this points to the passion of God’s heart.
When God gives, it is so you can know of the desires of his heart and the nature of his character: love. Can you frame your life so that love is the essence of your individual generosity? Yes, it will make you vulnerable, because someone is apt to reject it, but that gets to the heart of being willing to give. When you approach giving to God with your whole heart, he will never reject it, or you! God’s desire is for your whole heart…your whole life…and knowing that this is precisely what God did for you. Will you accept it?
Prayer: Dear Lord, I know I must come to grips with the reality that true generosity requires vulnerability from me. It can be hard giving freely for fear of rejection. I see that this is the model you’ve given me in Jesus, and I want to love you with all I am and have. In Jesus’ name. Amen.