by Heather Pasley

I’ve been mulling over this for quite a while now. My family has been in the trenches and dealing with some thick emotional baggage for several months now. As we are working through the aspects of these struggles we have been facing, I have seen them as valleys and as discipline because that is how I was raised to believe God was defining them in my life. And at times God does put us through the discipline of darkness to teach us to wait on Him just as Isaiah 60:2 reminds us…”For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness the people: but the Lord shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee.” BUT I take hold of that part of that verse and the fact that His glory shall be seen upon me.

It makes me think of the perspective. I know that others may be following my story and see me as a strong and dedicated wife, Mother and daughter….it is their perspective of my struggle. I may not see myself in such a light. I tend to focus on the whys and the hows and what ifs…it is my perspective. However, I am not the only person sitting in this valley and wading through the waters of emotional baggage. What I perceived as painful and life changing personally was completely different for other members of my family. How they experienced the events was totally different yet it is imperative that I listen and learn from their perspective. At the same time, I hope they are returning the favor. It is how we move forward and heal and grow together.

As I ponder over the life and times of Jesus and his disciples, I wonder what their perspective was. In the case of the Samaritan woman at the well, she knew that Christ was to come and after hearing Jesus speak of the living water and of her life, she knew that He was the Messiah. Her perspective became reality. She brought others to Jesus and they believed. Their perspective became reality. A simple conversation and understanding of her life allowed her to believe! Sometimes it just takes a conversation for our perspective to change. Maybe my valley is not so low. Maybe this emotional baggage is not as dire but just maybe I need to see someone else’s perspective to see the reality and to share Jesus. At the end of the day when my focus is on Jesus, I can be the light to others and my perspective can change. I can not see myself in a valley but I can see myself beside Jesus at the well and ready to take a drink of living water and then share that with others who need it.

Check out this video of the song, Blessings, by Laura Story; it really speaks to my heart.

Prayer: Father, may my perspective today not be on what I am going through but on who stands beside me. May I be focused on You and the living water you provide me to change my perspective! Amen.