What Easter Means to Me

by Melissa Norris

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

A friend of mine at work is in her late 60’s and she works night shifts.  One morning several months ago, I saw her coming out of the building and a man got out of his car, smiled at her, took her lunch bag and put on his shoulder, took her hand in his, opened her door for her and then they left together. I asked her about it.  It was her husband of 40 years.  He is retired. She said she told him the bag was never heavy and his reply was that he wanted to do whatever he could to lighten her load.

How precious was that??  The fact that he loves her so much to take any opportunity he could to lighten her load is amazing and he did it with such a servant heart.  It reminded me of what Easter means to me.  Christ did everything he could to lighten our load and to allow us to enjoy life and I don’t even let him most times.  I carry around so much worry, guilt, regret, etc that I almost can’t get through the day sometimes.  He went to the cross to remove all of that so we can live life the way that He intended – Joyful, thankful, blessed.

When I think of this husband, I ask myself:  Do I constantly look around me for the opportunities big and small to lighten others loads? And do I release my fears and worries to Him and not take them back to lighten my load?  If not, I am missing a big part of the crucifixion, resurrection and the love that He has for me.

Prayer: Dear God, thank you for bearing the load of my salvation for me. Help me to see ways I can help others bear their’s, too. I ask this I Jesus’ name. Amen.