Easter Memories

by Deborah Thomas

My memories of Easter when I was a child centered around the anticipation of all new clothes to wear to church – from the skin out! It was an opportunity to get new things to dress up in and to show off to our friends at church. In my case, that was at Sam Jones Memorial Methodist. My mother always made our Easter dresses, partly out of necessity, but we were so proud the new dresses and of course, crinolines, that we wore under the nice twirly dresses. It was so fun to hear ourselves swish when we walked! Every year we would get a new pair of patent leather shoes, too.  Boy, that dates me, doesn’t it?!

The Easter Bunny would bring a few small treats – nothing like he does to the children of this generation. Sometimes we would even get a baby chick which was always dyed some garishly bright color. Our chicks always wound up at my aunt and uncle’s farm in Rockmart. We could go visit them from time to time. I’m sure they had a better time there than they did at our house in Cartersville!

Enough of the past – my present feelings about Easter revolve around the feeling of renewal, both with the coming of spring and the chance to change my life in a better way.  Celebrating Easter helps me realize a new beginning. We see the evidence of God everywhere with the trees leafing out, and flowers blooming everywhere.  Jesus led the way for us, suffered a horrific death, and proved that death is only an illusion. It makes me realize that we as Christians, are capable of patterning our lives by the life of Jesus. It is true that Jesus Paid It All, as the hymn says, but we are the beneficiaries of his suffering. The Spirit of God dwells within each and every one of us, no matter our station in life. We must open up our hearts and let the Spirit flow from within. That way we can realize that we are One with the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Jesus rose from gore to Glory. May we strive to listen to His teachings and the examples he set out for each and every one. It isn’t about new clothes or chocolate treats at all. Being able to attend church nearly every Sunday and serve in different areas gives me a chance to give back just a little bit to thank the Father for his Grace and abundance. I feel truly blessed to be a member of The Church at the Well, and to see my church family every Sunday!