correct & direct

by Pastor Mark Jordan

“I correct and discipline those whom I love. So be earnest and change your hearts and lives. Look! I’m standing at the door and knocking.” (Revelation 3:19-20a, CEB)

Are you looking for ways to help build up others and build the Body of Christ? I sure hope so! Yesterday we explored how important it is to build up instead of tear down, trusting God to do what He does best. I want to take that a step further today as we look at our verse from Revelation 3.

You’ll note that Jesus said He corrects and disciplines those He loves. There is a fascinating insight to glean from the word, correct. On some levels, you might recoil at the thought, because no one really liked being corrected. Going back to the biblical languages, though, the word, correct, is derived from the word, illuminate. Jesus wants to illuminate the areas in your life that need some work. As the old saying goes, “sunlight is the best disinfectant,” and this is what Jesus wants to do. He longs to show you where you need some work, but He doesn’t leave it there…not at all!

Jesus wants to help you get better. Notice again how He uses the word discipline. Don’t think of discipline from a point of view of revenge, but direction for better future behavior. Jesus wants to correct you and direct your life in the ways that lead to eternity. And then He continues to say that He wants you to invite Him into your heart so you two can linger in the state of grace.

He is knocking…will you let Him in?

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for your love and desire to make me better for you. I ask you into my heart to help me correct my ways so yo ucan direct me in yours. I ask this I Jesus name. Amen.