WWJUD? Apathy!


by Pastor Mark Jordan

“I know your works. You are neither cold nor hot. I wish that you were either cold or hot. So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I’m about to spit you out of my mouth.” (Revelation 3:15-16, CEB)

This week we are looking at What Would Jesus UNdo? Yesterday we looked at learning the unforced rhythms of grace where life is about relationship with God as opposed to rules and religion. This might seem foreign to you, but it is the way Jesus wants you to live!

When we get so consumed with rules and religion, we can easily get burned out. When we get burned out, our flame of faith dims, and could even go out completely. Jesus warned against this. Today’s Bible lesson comes from the letter to the church at Laodecia, and how they were no longer on fire for God. Jesus even insinuated that being totally cold could be useful, but lukewarm was nasty…stale…stagnant.

Are you lukewarm? Here are some hallmarks of spiritual indifference and apathy:

  • Are you more concerned with impressing people than God?
  • Are you more obsessed with things of the earth than eternity?
  • Do you rationalize sin?
  • Do you believe in Jesus, but are hesitant (at best) to share your faith?
  • Do you only pray when you need God?

It’s time to raise your spiritual temperature! Here are some things that will help:

  1. Worship
  2. Bible study
  3. Prayer
  4. Get rid of resentments
  5. Give
  6. Get connected with others
  7. Share your faith

Jesus wants you to get your spiritual temperature back up where it belongs. Will you let Him help?

Prayer: Dear Lord, forgive me if I have become lukewarm for you. Help me fan the flames of faith so I am on fire for you. I ask this in Jesus’ holy name. Amen.

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