childlike faith

by Mary Stout

“So anyone who becomes as humble as this little child is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.” (Matthew 18:4)

Children are such open books, aren’t they? They live in the present moment from daybreak to dusk and not a whole lot ever gets past that inquisitive love they have for life.  Recently as i picked blueberries with my grandchildren, I noticed that curious  open love for all things. While I tended to the task of picking berries and getting it done they had a different approach to it altogether.

“Look grandma! This one is perfect!”

“Can I get that one?”

“Why are they blue?”

“Grandma can we make blueberry muffins?

“Can we give some to our Sunday school teacher?”

“We can’t forget Mr. Mark!”

“Look grandma there are some big ones!”

Throughout the morning they squealed with delight as they found berries and deposited them in the bag. As they asked questions and gathered answers from me, I was struck by the openness and willingness to have faith that I would answer them. They believed in me. Isn’t that what God wants of us as well?

Jesus said we need to be as humble as little children and have that kind of faith. Too often, life and circumstances cloud our thinking, and the present moment isn’t very clear. We only need to look at a child to know that living with that kind of faith is essential to our spirit. Next time you get flustered or feel that life is overwhelming, think about what Jesus said. Trust His words as you go and know that as you do, your faith will strengthen and sustain you in every circumstance.

Prayer: Slow me down, Lord. Help me have faith in you each day, no matter what happens. May I be as childlike and open in my faith as these little ones. Forgive me when I get too caught up with man and things. Help me to focus on you again. In Jesus name. Amen

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