SpiritualWarfare_SermonGraphic (2)
by Pastor Mark Jordan
“You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.” (1 John 4:4)
This week we are looking at elements of spiritual warfare. So far, we have explored how spiritual warfare is real and the devil’s tactic to get and keep us distracted, but we also have victory when we stay close to God. Today, I want to look at various elements of the word power, and how it corresponds with this week’s daily water series.
There is no doubt about it, evil is real power. It has the ability to deceive, distract, distort, depress, and disconnect. Sounds pretty ominous, doesn’t it? And in reality, it can be. I will be honest, there are some parts of scripture that I still wrestle and struggle with as it pertains to the work of evil in our lives. There are examples from both the Old and New Testament where God allows evil spirits to torment his children. You can consider Job, King Saul, Peter, Judas, and the Apostle Paul as examples when God enabled evil spirits to wreak have it in the life of his people. This was not without purpose, however, and that is where we need to take our focus.
Satan can be allowed to attack believers in order to fulfill God’s perfect plan for His people. Satan’s power over us is limited, however, to only that which God ordains for His purposes—to bring His children to maturity and bring glory to Himself. Some modern day clichés might be helpful to illustrate this point. No pain, no gain, right? Also consider whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. As uncomfortable as it might be to think about God allowing evil to befall his children, the greater truth lies in the fact that those who are in Christ always have the way out. As our verse for today says, the one who is in us — Jesus! — is greater than the one — Satan — that is in the world.
I know as a dad myself how difficult it is to see my kids make some bad choices for themselves. Whether or not those choices are intentional, or the result of other circumstances, reality is that all of those times can become teaching moments to help them learn how to do better. Be that in school, with relationships, or just learning to live a better life, there are times all of us must face the consequences for our actions in order to learn and grow from them. There are times as a parent I want to to shield them, but also times to stand with them to help them learn how to do and be better. Those lessons give incredible power as you continue to face the challenges of life, and grow to make the most out of who you are, and who you are meant to be in Christ Jesus.
Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for your love, wisdom, and protection that is with me even when I must face times of evil. Forgive me for the moments I think that my suffering means you are not there, when I realize that what I am being called to do is to learn and grow to be more like Jesus. Give me that wisdom and power that I might stand firm regardless of what comes my way. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

2 thoughts on “power

  1. Thank you for this weeks’ series… so needed and appropriate for my husband and I during this season of major transition to the International mission field. I swaneee…. I’ve never wrestled so hard but it’s so good to know that it’s NOT without a purpose. For His glory and renown…

  2. catwblogs says:

    I’m so glad this is a helpful series for you. It sure was as I prepped it, both in my spirit, and for the church.

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