An Update on Mother Goose

by Pastor Mark Jordan

“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” (Exodus 14:14, NIV) 

Tiffany left the house the other day to run some errands and called me within a matter of seconds with an update on our neighborhood’s mother goose (check out the original post by clicking here). Landscapers were mowing the grass and trimming around the pond. What Tiffany saw next was simultaneously hilarious and tear-jerking: daddy goose was attacking the man running a weed-eater near mommy goose while she stayed diligently still in her nest. Daddy goose paid no mind to the size or nature of the threat. Mommy goose kept her mind and body on her babies. Both were devoted to protecting their young at any cost.

My friends, Scripture is full of instances of how nature reveals the Lord, and this little moment Tiffany happened to catch is just one such instance.

The Lord loves you with an everlasting love. He is ready to fight for you, and sacrifice His body for your eternal protection. This was manifested magnificently on Calvary’s cross all those years ago, and is true still today. When you face threats that seem too big and mighty for you, you can know that the Lord God is there to fight for you. And no one is mightier!

Do you feel like you are embroiled in an eternal battle for your soul? Be still and let God fight for you. There is no enemy too big…no threat too terrifying. God faced it all willingly for you millennia ago, and does it again in those moments you need Him the most. Know in your heart, mind, and soul that the Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.

Thanks be to God!


Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for the evidence you reveal all around me that you care and fight for me. In those times when I feel defenseless and incapable of protecting myself, help me to know you that you fight for me, and I need only to be still. I praise you in the holy name of Jesus. Amen.

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