Are you living in God’s Freedom?

By Doug Markle of Beloved Lord Ministries

1 Peter 2:16

There is a freedom that comes from living in the will of God.  Think back to when you were a kid and went to a friend’s house.  When you were at their house, I am guessing that you never felt as free as you did when you were at home.  Sure, you could have fun, but you never felt like you could open any drawer/cabinet/door or eat anything you wanted.  But when you were at home, you knew the rules of the house, and those rules gave you great freedom. 

I once heard of a study done with children and their school playground.  When there was no fence, and their playground was bordered by roads, the children would tend to stay toward the center of the playground.  When there were clearly defined boundaries in the form of fences, the children would use the entire playground right up to the fence.   The boundaries gave the children more freedom and security and, by extension, allowed them to have more fun.

Living in the will of God gives us the freedom we felt as a kid in our own home.  Are you living in His freedom today?


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