At Home

By Pastor Mark Jordan

I’ve loved you the way my Father has loved me. Make yourselves at home in my love. If you keep my commands, you’ll remain intimately at home in my love. That’s what I’ve done—kept my Father’s commands and made myself at home in his love.” (John 15:9-10, MSG)

A couple weeks ago I spent several days at home alone while Tiffany and the kids went and spent a few days in one of their favorite places for some R&R. My schedule was slammed to the point where I couldn’t go with them (thanks, broken shoulder 😡), so I stayed behind and tended to what needed to be done.

At first, it felt a little weird being home alone. I heard every creak and crack in the house. Then, as I adjusted, I felt a unique freedom — I ate whatever, wherever, and whenever I wanted; the TV stayed tuned to my favorite programs; and I was able to spread out in the bed and snore as loudly as I could since the pets didn’t care. I enjoyed my bachelor life. For a few days.

I really missed my family. The quiet of the house became unsettling. I had no one to talk to while eating alone. Even the cats got aggravated with the snoring and started waking me to get me to stop. So the day before the family returned, I started thinking of ways to welcome them home, so I cleaned the house top to bottom, avoiding standing on any stools, of course.

There was something therapeutic about the cleaning and prepping the home for my family’s return. It reminded me of today’s Bible passage about being at home in God’s love. There might feel like some freedom in being all alone, but that isn’t how we are created to live. It took a little house cleaning to be ready, but once I was ready spiritually, the physical followed.

Jesus is perpetually at home in God’s love, and is knocking on the door of your heart longing to be welcomed in to dine and share with you (Revelation 3:20). When you welcome Him in, He brings home to you. You aren’t alone. Jesus wants to be with you as you dine. He promises to be with you as you rest. He promises to be with you. Period. And here’s the good news: you don’t have to do the top-to-bottom cleaning of your life on your own, because Jesus promises to come in and help. Lovely, isn’t it?

Jesus promised on several occasions to never leave us alone, and be with us forever. This is proof of His love, so make yourself at home in it…in Him. Your life will never be the same.

Prayer: Dear Lord, I thank you for making me at home in your love. My life in you is your favorite kind of housekeeping, and I cannot thank you enough. By your Spirit, help me to experience this more deeply, so I can express it to others for you. I ask this in Jesus’ home name. Amen.

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