Holy Ground

I love your sanctuary, Lord​.​ the place where your glorious presence dwells.
Psalms 26:-8 NLT
There are many places in the world we can find sanctuary. A natural waterfall, a beach, a mountain, a church. The places you find God are many. It’s where God’s holiness touches your heart and soul.
Years ago, I was on a history tour at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. It was fascinating learning all about the history of space. From the beginning of the space program until now, as a nation, we watched as we raced to beat the Russians to the moon and saw the Challenger explode. These were moments in history that shaped us as a nation.
As part of the tour, we visited the launchpad where the ill-fated Apollo 1 astronauts died as a result of a cabin fire during a practice launch. We got to walk around the memorial and it was here I found a holy sanctuary. I felt the presence of God there.  I knew when Gus, Rick and Ed left this world, Jesus was there on that launchpad with them. I knew for sure I was standing in His presence on  holy ground.
These glimpses of shekinah– God’s glory don’t come often. When they do,  it’s amazing.
Do you have a place like that? Where you feel the presence of your heavenly Father so deeply, you know He is touching your soul?
Prayer: Father thank you giving glimpses of your holiness and glory. Help us to remember these moments as we show others your grace and love today. In Jesus name Amen

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