Faith in Action 

Faith in Action 

by Cynthia Myers

When he saw them, he said, “Go, show yourselves to the priests.” And as they went, they were cleansed.  Luke 17:14

We hear the word faith used almost daily.  We are told to have faith that things will get better and brighter days are ahead.  What does it mean to have faith? After all, faith isn’t a commodity, a birthright, or a natural phenomenon.  The word faith appears 336 times in the King James Version, 458 times in the New International Version, and 521 in the Good News Bible (GNB). While various versions of the Bible may report a higher or lower number, faith is central to all versions.  So, what is it? 

The dictionary defines faith as having ‘complete trust or confidence in someone or something.  Luke 14 records an encounter Jesus had with 10 lepers on His way to Galilee. Lepers were required to warn others about their condition and to stay away from others. When they heard Jesus was passing by, they shouted begging Jesus to heal them. I’m certain people watching this interaction and gave them ‘the eye’. Wasn’t it bad enough that they were diseased? And to make matters worse, they were noisy as well! The lepers knew that they had nothing to lose and everything to gain; and so, they cried out to the One with the power to heal them.

The Bible does not record how long or far they walked before they were healed. Healing came “as they went.” Jesus has the power to instantly heal them, but He didn’t. Perhaps like the lepers, there are times when our healing will not come instantly, but as we move forward in faith in spite of our brokenness. We also cry out to the One we know can make us whole.

Prayer: We live in a broken world. We are broken people. We know that you see us, hear us, and are willing to heal us. Help our faith to grow so that others might see and believe. Amen

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