by Mary Stout

​Teach me to do your will, for you are my God;may your good Spirit lead me on level ground.​ Psalm 143:10

​Every morning I wake up before I even get out of bed I thank the Lord for giving me another day to shine His light and do his will. I imagine I have this envelope of love around me as I go through the day. I Intend I see the world and others with his eyes and listen with his ears. I know if I really listen to Him, and allow his spirit to lead me, my day will go much better than if I resist.  I am more aware of God’s miracles in my life. I am calmer and more peaceful when I am doing what He wants not what I want. I have a tendency to screw things up when I don’t listen. ​God gives us another day to serve him with gladness and show grace, love, and kindness to all. 

Prayer:  Grant me another day Lord. and I’ll try not to mess it up. Help me remember you are leading me beside still waters or into the wilderness. Help me feel your presence throughout my days, In Jesus name Amen

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