Love Him Love Them

By Mary Stout

The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” – Matthew 25:40

The other day we made a trip down to the Love Store. We got a couple shirts for the kids and spoke with daryl for a bit. We had a nice visit and the kids are sporting their shirts and bracelets proudly. After we left, I heard them in the backseat reading the bracelet that says “Live2540 Love Him Love Them” .

They asked me what it meant. I said when Jesus said those words in Matthew 25:40 he was telling us when we spend time serving others, it’s as if we served Him.

Several years ago God told Daryl to go on a mission trip and help the little ones in Liberia. When he got there he learned a lot about the children’s needs. The children in Liberia were very poor. They didn’t have a nice home to live in or much food and their parents got sick and died. So these kids lived in a big home called an orphanage. Daryl started the mission Orphan Aid, Liberia to help them. He did God’s will and that’s how we have the Love Store. Daryl is a great example of the Christian life in action.

The work at Live2540 serves to show us what’s possible when you follow Gods direction. From helping Liberia to helping here in Bartow County, we are doing life together. Not all of us can go to Liberia, but we can look just in our community to love and serve one another. If there are 85,000 unchurched here in Bartow County, surely we can start right here and look for opportunities to share Jesus with them.

I found an old video of Daryl at Excel Academy, who poured out his heart in it as to how he made the decision to start OAL. His words stayed with me. He said something about knowing this was God working and how he had to show his children this was Him stepping up and showing them God’s way. He could do nothing less than follow Him.

Love Him. Love Them.

Prayer: Lord help us as we shine your light into the darkness of our world. May all our efforts glorify you and help people to find you where we did…at the foot of the cross. In Jesus name, Amen

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